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Uba: Catchtopia

Ubas are shy creatures that run when spotted. Poke them when they stop to catch them.

Simple and fun for everyone, but very few could master. Try it now and join in the fun!

Easy to learn gameplay. You will start playing within seconds.

No lives, health bars, time-locks. Play as much as you want, whenever you want, for FREE.

Are you the sharpest amongst your friends? Or the WORLD?

We’re always listening at support@nightmorning.com

How To Play

Remember the positions of the ubas.

All ubas turn purple and start moving around.

Reveal the ubas when they stop moving.

Progress through 8 chapters and replay your favourites.


Addicted gameplay!

lojo lim

Ridiculously simple!… yet compellingJust love this… so simple… seems easy at first then gets oddly hard but not impossible

Oscar Clark

Adorable Uba I love how the creatures have different expressions. And when you dont get them, there’s that sinister smile. Annoying yet Adorable, makes you can’t stop playing.

Amira MNoor

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