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Privacy Policy

Hi there, and welcome to our Privacy Policy page. We’re a small company without an in-house lawyer, so we’re not gonna throw a lot of law jargon at you. We’ll try to keep this simple, and in English.

We do not collect your email address.

We have no need of your email address, and so we do not collect them. If you send us feedback or support with your email address, we will promptly reply your email, and that’s about it. We do not have an email database or any database to store your personal information.

What may be collected from you?

We use Unity Analytics to collect game related information. This information lets us know how our games are doing, and how we can update our games to provide you a richer experience.

We also use PlayFab to store game related information on the cloud, so that you can play across multiple devices. Through PlayFab, we get to know what hardware you’re using (Android, iOS, …) and the city you’re connected from. We do not ask for your GPS location at any point, and we do not store any of the information collected in our database.

If you choose to login through Facebook, we will get information to your public profile and friend’s list only. We use Facebook only within our games so that you can play and compete with your friends. We do not store any information received from Facebook in our database.

You may choose to login through Apple’s Game Centre or Google’s Play Services. If you do, we do not store any information provided. We only use Game Center and Play Services for features such as Achievements and Leaderboards.

We care about your privacy

We do not disclose any information provided by you to third parties.

What happens if this policy changes in the future?

We will update this policy and let you know on our website. Do visit our website often.

Children under the age of 13

We do not knowingly collect any information from children under the age of 13.

How do you contact us regarding this policy?

In case we missed something or your have further questions regarding this policy, please send us an email at Again, we care about your privacy.