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Nez: See Everything

THE BEST FREE GAME that combines intelligence and fun in one package. Discover how well you can track moving objects. Surprise yourself!

Easy to learn gameplay. You will start playing within seconds.

No lives, health bars, time-locks. Play as much as you want, whenever you want, for FREE.

Are you the sharpest amongst your friends? Or the WORLD?

We’re always listening at support@nightmorning.com

How To Play

Remember the positions of the colored hexagons.

All hexagons turn white and start moving around.

Reveal the colored hexagons when they stop moving.

Progress through 8 chapters and replay your favourites.


Very addictive! It’s very easy to play and it’s very beautiful, I love it!

Diego Ossa

Woahhh Look like easy for me when i get started.. But then when im on level 19,im suffering brain damage.. Love it..

aRdE DeW

Love this! Tried this before during the development stage and absolutely loved it! Huge improvementz and it’s nicer now great job đŸ™‚

Emelina Arista

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