GameFounders – Technologies Matter

Hello everyone! The 5th week at GameFounders was all about Technologies. Here’s how the fun week went.


The day started with an awesome talk from Oscar Clark, Evangelist At Unity Technologies & CoFounder at RocketLolly Games. He said many things that stuck with us, such as Get your unfinished product in front of people because that’s where you get actual information. If you’re building for yourself, you already have your customer and you don’t need to add anything else. He’s a big believer in sprints, and he believes that a Game Design Document should be a conversation. He’s a super fun guy and we definitely enjoyed his company.


We couldn’t get enough of Oscar so we took him out to dinner.



Alex from Solar Games gave us a talk about Unity plugins. He covered the pitfalls of using plugins, and his experience with what plugins to use.


Oleg Pridiuk, Evangelist at King discussed why choosing the right tech from the start is important. His Skype talk was more conversation based than the slides delivery method.



Mark Val from Playfab gave a talk about the tools used for research and marketing. He recommended Priori Data over other sites like App Annie or Think Gaming, which we found very helpful.


Thursday was playtest day at Multimedia University (MMU), but it was quite disappointing. Mark gave another talk there to about 10 students who showed up (besides the GameFounders teams.) It was not a good day.



Paul Bragiel, co-founder of GameFounders paid us a visit, and he is insanely awesome. He gave us great feedback and he is so much fun to be around. Unfortunately, our best picture with him turned out quite blur. The one above is the best I could do even after sharpening it with Photoshop.

My following post will be about Production Week at GameFounders. So far our journey has been nothing less than awesome. Stay tuned!

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