Hello everyone, this was our best week at GameFounders, yet. Before I begin, and just in case you’re wondering about the header, our friends at Amazing Soul Games from Columbia gave a talk at Unite Singapore, and we are ever so proud of them. Check out their game, Warrior Rush, available on iOS and Android.

Now, on to the best week at GameFounders, yet. It went by in a flash!



We welcomed Amirul, our Game Artist to the team with pizzas, chicken wings, garlic bread, and soda. He’s a fantastic artist and we couldn’t be luckier to have him be a part of NightMorning. Welcome Amirul! He’s the dude in the top left with his arms crossed. I wonder what his artistic eyes are seeing.



Falk Au Yeong from Soundtrec Boston and Malaysia gave us a talk on how to implement audio in games. Falk is a dear friend of ours and we’ve been to his talks three times already. He’s a great dude and he definitely knows his stuff.


Jon Daou and Seng Jinn from Fuse Adventures briefed us on examples of good audio and the tools we could use to help us with implementation. The dynamic duo were very friendly and helpful.


Kristofer Eng, composer at ELIAS briefed us on the production process of getting audio into games.



Luis Wong and Will Beckett from Netease gave a talk on how to bring games into China. They’re two wonderful people who were frank and direct to the point. I like their style.


Wednesday was also part of IGDA Malaysia’s event, and we had quite a number of people turn up. It was good fun to catch up with local devs.


Students from The One Academy came over to play test our games. There were more than 80 of them, and there were at least 130 people in the office. The feedback we got from our game was overwhelming. We had lots of students who loved our game and its art style, and there were students playing at our table for 30 to 45 mins. I wish I could post all the pictures we took. Here are some highlights from the event.










After the playtest, NightMorning had its second game night, and we invited the teams at GameFounders to join us. We went for archery tag. It’s a team building exercise where teams compete to eliminate others by grabbing a bow and shooting arrows at each other. We all had a fantastic time.



Holding tradition, each game night is followed by dinner and fun conversation.

The following week will be about marketing. We can’t wait, as our game will be launched in two weeks. Stay tuned, and stay cool folks.