GameFounders – All About Production

Hello everyone! The 6th week was all about production. It was a short but interesting week. Monday was a holiday, so the week started on a



The day started with a Skype chat with Camilla Slotfeldt, Co-Founder at BitCake Studio. She ran us through the tools she used to aid production. I liked how their trello board was open to the public so everyone could see the progress that they were making on their games. It’s great marketing.


Yevgeniy Maiboroda, Executive Producer at Playlab Games gave  us a talk about the pros and cons of Free 2 Play (F2P) and Premium games. He believes that the premium business model isn’t dead. He covered how to market games once launched, and monetization strategies for both business models.


We had a personal Skype chat with Jonas Abromaitis, Founder and CEO at Tiny Lab Productions about how to monetize games using ads. He gave us some very useful tips, such as launch with just one ad service first, and then keep on adding ad networks that work for us. It’s always a trial and error basis.


Gerald Tock, CEO at Inzen Studios paid us a visit to talk about how to market games in China. It’s definitely a tedious process, and he briefed us on why we should do it.

My next post will be about the week of art direction and sound. It was one of our best weeks at GameFounders. Hang tight!

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