GameFounders – Analytics!

Hello everyone! How have you guys been doing? The fourth week at GameFounders was all about Analytics. Here’s how it went.



The morning started with a talk from Mario Valle Reyes, Director of Business Development at EA, about emerging markets. Mario loves emerging markets, and he couldn’t stress it enough in his talk. He’s also a startup mentor and an angel investor. His is bullish on AR and VR, so if you’re working on those games and need an angel investor, he’s a pretty good option. He is very frank and honest, and that’s what I like about him.


Mario’s talk was followed by Adam Alsén, Data Scientist at Wooga. Adam’s talk was pretty good as it covered the importance of analytics, and how it use it effectively. Adam’s advice was to log everything, and then you can do anything you want with the data such as retention metrics and figure where people find barriers in your game.



Jonas Abromaitis, Founder and CEO of Tiny Lab Productions gave us a talk on how to make money with ads. He gave us the metrics of his games that utilize ads and it was inspiring to know how much money ads can generate for a game.



Mike Hines, Developer Evangelist for the Amazon Appstore for Android gave us a talk on monetization. He’s a super cool dude, and his talk did open our eyes on the different strategies of monetization.



Abu and I had a personal Skype call with Mark Terrano, Founder and CCO of Hidden Path Entertainment. He was the lead designer behind Age of Empires 2 and Counter Strike Go. It was hard to hide the fanboy in me during the talk. He took a look at our game and gave us very important monetization strategies. He complimented our game design, and that made us super happy. Having Mark Terrano say I can’t wait to play your game is like a dream come true. He’s super cool as well.


Abu and I had another personal Skype call with Gabby Dizon, CEO and Co-Founder at Altitude Games. Gabby took a look at our game and advised us to find a publisher over self publishing. This was an eye opener, and his reasons for it were justified. He told us that self publishing an RPG game today is very risky, and the design of our game is quite attractive to publishers. Definitely something to think long and hard about.


Well, week 4 was good for us. This week is all about technologies, and the morning is about to start with a talk from Oscar Clark from Unity. The team is exited about it. It’s gonna be a good week. Take it easy folks.

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