GameFounders – The Week of Game Design

Hello everyone. ‘Twas the third week of GameFounders, and it was all about Game Design. Here’s how the week went.



The day started with a talk from Mike Sellers, Professor of Practice at Indiana University. He’s easily one of our most loved mentors yet. This guy is so so nice. He’s experienced and very helpful. He gave us ideas for our game, and helped us with monetization.



We had Malaysian Omega Yuen, Founder of OY Games brief us on the pitfalls of the industry.


Later in the evening, we had a Skype talk with Jeremy Kang, Principal Game Designer at King. He gave us an overview of Game Design, and we found out that at King, 10 ideas pass the idea stage, 4 make it to the prototype stage, 2 go into soft/hard launch, and only 1 makes it to the market.



We took to KDU University College for a playtest with their students. The feedback that we received was very helpful. Everyone loved our world map and game design, and it was reassuring that we are heading in the right direction.


We had great middle eastern food for lunch, and that took a while which made us miss our next Skype talk with the creator of Candy Crush Saga. We were truly disappointed, but it was a great lesson to us that came with a very expensive cost. Never again.



We had a Skype talk with Juha Huhtakallio from Metropolia Games Studio. His talk was focused on game loops and he gave us important tips on game design, such as a goal should be explained in one sentence, manage the learning curve of the player, and make sure your game has a clear goal, which leads to a challenge, and rewards for the player.

Well, that was the third week. This week is going to be all about Analytics. I’m curious on how to use the data we collect and I’ll let you guys know my findings next week. To all our Muslim friends and readers, NightMorning wishes you a

Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha


Till next week folks. Stay warm. Winter is coming.


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