GameFounders – Week 2

Hello everyone! Week 2 at GameFounders was all about Operations. It was of most use to me relative to the team as it had a lot to do with production. As always, I’ll sum up the week by keeping this post short and to the point, with lots of pictures.

Day 1



The morning started with Paul Künnap giving a talk about the legal aspect of running a business. His talk focused on the legal environment, corporate law, ways to involve new investors, and tax considerations. The most interesting parts of his talk were ways to protect your IP, and what investors look for when deciding to invest in your company.

Day 2

gamefounders-week-2-ronnie-tan-2Ronnie Tan gave us a talk about live-ops. An interesting thing that I learnt from him was to try and avoid launching your game around holiday seasons as the cost for user acquisition would be relatively higher. Unless your budget is big, finding the right time to launch is essential. He also stated that user acquisition in South East Asia is much cheaper.

gamefounders-week-2-microsoftRonnie’s talk was followed by the guys from Microsoft briefing us on Microsoft Azure and HoloLens. This talk wasn’t as great because it was just an overview. Not as technical as I hoped it would have been.


Much later in the afternoon, we had a Skype talk with Vitor Arusievicz, Producer at King. His talk was really good as he gave us the full experience of taking a game from concept stages to prototyping to pre-production, production, soft/hard launch, and post launch. His advice that stuck was: adding new features is no guarantee of increasing player engagement. Avoid this pitfall. He also told us that it is easier for players if we roll out updates every three months rather than whenever we have a new update available. His talk also covered company culture, and inspired me to write out our company culture and place it on the wall.

Day 3

gamefounders-week-2-gabriel-plug-boomThe morning started with a talk from Gabriel Coutinho, CEO at Plug & Boom. Chili Mariachi, their current game in the pipeline looks pretty damn cool. He was one the best pitchers for the previous GameFounders intake, and his talk focused on how to pitch to investors and publishers. He told us that all that investors are interested in is ROI, and pitching tips such as: any information that is easily processed by the brain is also more easily accepted as true, repetition can be good because listening to the same sentence three times can lead your listeners to believe it’s true, and people tend to believe things that are written in red and blue.

gamefounders-week-2-ronnie-tanRonnie gave a second talk and his focus was more toward production, including optimal team sizes for various genres of games.

Remaining Days

gamefounders-week-2-faris-marcus-eddie Faris, Marcus, and Eddie discussing programming and design in the Green Room.

gamefounders-week-2-gregory-birthdayIt was Gregory’s Birthday, and the funniest thing to me was: he brought a cake into the office, took the knife and started cutting it without candles or a song. It must be a Russian thing. Happy Birthday Gregory!

gamefounders-week-2-mee-tarikWe took the Slovenians, Russians, Egyptian, and Koreans to have Mee Tarik (pulled noodles) in Cyberjaya. It was a long drive there but totally worth it. The texture of the noodles was sublime, and it was fun watching people handle spicy food.

Well, so much for trying to keep this post short. It really was an interesting week. The current week is about to begin and this week’s all about Game Design. Stay tuned to my next post. Till then, take it easy folks.


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