Dave’s Birthday

On Monday Dave had completed yet another orbit around the sun. He’s done that 27 times so far. It was also the second week of GameFounders and we basically had our hands full with seminars- Christina is hanging over my shoulder right now as I type this, saying, “I missed it! Where was I?

You were sick, Chris. The Malaysian Haze came in and you were a casualty.

So we managed to finish up our daily obligations and even squeezed in an interview for our new member. At first we planned to cake it, but the chaos of Mondays complicated it. So we improvised.


I mean, a cake can be a function more than aesthetic can’t it? Therefore I would say that we had a bottom-crusted cheesecake with meat on it. Two of them. See picture above.

It was good to finally get some time to get to know the interns and not talk about work. We also had Rawple Studios from Korea join in the fun, and conversations that were good for parties, but bad for a company blog post. Haha!

Dave is a joy to work with really. He’s open, transparent, and is really good at keeping the gears running. I’d honestly work with you in any industry buddy.

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