GameFounders – The First Week

Hello everyone! It’s been a fun and very tiring first week at GameFounders for us. We’ve had five mentors over 3 days, and a set of deliverables which was tedious, but in truth really useful to us as a company. I was planning on writing a post for every day we had a mentor, but I’ve been so busy, so I’ll try to sum all of them up in this post while trying to keep this short. Our first day experience can be found in our previous blog post here.

Day 2

We had the pleasure of having video calls with Orlando Fonseca, one of the founders of IMGNATION Studios, and Vladimir Funtikov, one of the founders of Creative Mobile. They both shared the story of their journey to success with us. Both their stories were the story of perseverance. They had failed multiple times before achieving success. The story of perseverance is one I’ve heard multiple times before, yet every time I hear it again, it always feels good because it keeps the fire in my heart burning. Orlando repeatedly advised us to “always find ways to stay alive.”  I think that piece of advice is invaluable.

gamefounders-vlad-funtikovVladimir Funtikov telling us his story. Somehow I forgot to take a picture of Orlando Fonseca.

Day 3

We had the pleasure of listening to industry experts Don Lim and Reinaldo Normand share their experience on the do’s and don’ts of the industry. Don was part of Com2Us which was so cool because I used to play Summoners War. Reinaldo reminded us that company culture is very important. “It does not matter what you do, as long as you have a great team and good company culture, you can achieve anything”. Both of them have had the Silicon Valley experience, and their talks were absolutely wonderful.


Don Lim telling us about a Korean government game competition where the prize money is USD 150,000.


One of the best things about Reinaldo is that he speaks the truth (no BS) and he’s so humble despite his experience.

Here’s how the rest of the week went.


A little bit of chaos during the fire drill.


Our Business Model Canvas put to good use thanks to Andra Larin.


Day 4 – A free round of beers thanks to Sidi Fikri. He’s a pretty cool guy.


Day 5 – GameFounders teams having a good time testing a game in the morning.

Week 2 is about to start and I’ll write a post at the end of the week. Stay tuned you beautiful souls!

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