GameFounders – Day 1

Today was our first day of the GameFounders program, and it was a busy and enjoyable one. I must say, it was nothing less than expected. Things started off with a round of introductions followed by a brief on the program by Christina, Kadri, and Antonio. After lunch, we had our first mentor, Andra Larin van der Pjil run us through strategy and business models using the canvas method. It was a real eye-opener and I thoroughly enjoyed her talk. Here are some pictures of the day.



NightMorning introducing ourselves.



Andra introducing us to business models.



One of the slides from her presentation,



and one of the exercises we went through figuring out Spotify’s business model.



Here’s the best part, we had to sketch out our vision. By the by we are proud of our drawing even though we wished Amanda were here.

I’d like to explain the picture. Our vision is to create a world class title to place Malaysia on the map as a leader in game development. Abu, Faris, and myself are in the small, damaged boat trying to catch a piece of success (the whale). With the twin-towers in our boat, we’re working hard to stay afloat amidst all the challenges we currently face. Our dream is to catch the whale to buy the Pequod (Moby Dick’s ship), so that we can catch more whales, and have room in our ship to bring along other smaller boats, which are future developers.

I’ll continue posting updates on our journey with GameFounders. Stay tuned peeps.

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