NightMorning’s First Game Night

Hello everyone! NightMorning had it’s first Game Night today! We went to watch Final Fantasy XV’s Kingsglaive at Mid Valley Megamall, had dinner at Texas Chicken, and had a pretty good time catching Pokémon there. By the end of the night, there were 2 squads; the Active Pokémon Squad, and the Low Battery Squad. For our next game night, we will definitely bring more power banks. Here are some pictures that nicely capture our moments.


There were rare Pokémon by the restrooms. No, it’s not weird at all.


Yes there definitely were some epic Gym Battles!


Good ol’ Texas Thursday in full effect!


OMG a rare Pokémon! Look at that CP!


Finally, some time for a group photo.


And a super rare Pokémon is around somewhere, so Eddie’s off to find it. Look at him go!


All in all it was a pretty fun night. The movie was only okay, but we had so much fun being together. I wonder what we’ll do next month for another round of Game Night!

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