The Pitch at Cradle.

Game development is fun, challenging but it’s not always about developing games. Today was our turn to pitch at Cradle for additional funds. Cradle was pretty serious an extremely structured in how they run things. We had five minutes to pitch, and ten for Q&A. That’s five minutes to the second.

You know they value how their time was spent because there were more than a dozen pitches that day, and everything was delayed by less than 7 minutes.

So we pitched the pitch that we had practiced countless times before, Dave, being the producer, was plan A. Myself, as usual, Plan B- in case Dave couldn’t do it on the day itself. Yesterday Christina of GameFounders joined in and pretty much kicked our asses about how bad we were. So she tweaked it a little.

Okay she tweaked it a lot.

We walked in to a room of three judges, exchanged a little greeting, then jumped straight in. Dave was calm and collected, moreso than when he pitched at MGA last month. We hit the points one after another, just like how they were practiced. Slides shifted, trailers played, big screenshots of our previous involvement up on display. Pitch ends.

Then the questions came like bullets and we all took turns answering them.

“What will you deliver from this amount?”

“What were the stats of that previous game?”

Planning question! Dave took center, dodged two hiccups from the right and sent it home!

Design question! Abu jumped off the bench and countered it with his kung-fu!

Programming question! Faris took a direct hit, but it charged his fury meter and a fantastic counter-attack was unleashed!

Art question! Amanda appeared out of nowhere with some phenomenally awesome artwork just in time for the save! 

Yeah, she emailed us her latest work a few minutes before we walked into the dragon’s den, and we used it. More on that next episode!

Damn they knew their stuff! One of the female judges even mentioned Baldur’s Gate as reference and we felt a kinship. It really helped because we didn’t know their background. As in, if we found out that our game will be evaluated by a film critic and an oil & gas expert, we’d be pretty worried. (and if you don’t know Baldur’s Gate, why are you reading a gamedev blog?)


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