NightMorning met Mobile Games Asia

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On July 14th, 2016, NightMorning made its first public appearance. We spent a little more than a week prepping with blood, sweat and a powerpoint slide for it. I have to admit that of all the teams that day we were the furthest from a completed game, but that’s where the beauty of the industry revealed itself. Even with hardly any art, the amount of support and feedback we received was phenomenal.

We were one of 8 to pitch that day, and were fortunate to have plenty of time to get to know them. The industry is relatively new and essentially uncharted territory for many. Sure, some games made it big, some made it supermega big. But one thing they have in common is that they are nothing like the games we’ve known to do well before on consoles and PC. That means the mobile game industry and the console/PC game industry are two completely separate things. Sometimes it’s good to remember that, and sometimes it’s good to ignore it.

We are of the latter. We are a team of PC and console gamers, that is the core of our gaming souls. We believe that great games can be made on any platform and from the looks of it, the 7 teams that we met are all striving for the same ideas. Trial and error, struggle, create, create, destroy, create- achieve epicness.

It was great to meet you all: XCQ, Weyrdworks, Kurechii, Dream Tree, OY Games, Big Boot Games and 27Rabbits.

Also congrats to Weyrdworks and Kurechii for the win. You guys deserved it.

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