‘NightMorning’ has entered the Arena.

Most of the usual work had been put on hold as we make our preparations for the Indie Pitch Arena that’s gonna be on the 13th and 14th at Berjaya Times Square, Kuala Lumpur.

Dozens of drafts and hundreds of ideas tossed around. We are but the tiny underdog in this otherwise big arena (where indie is concerned of course).

I’ve been nervous about it since the week before. Do we want to win? Yes! Are we going to? Not my concern! Are we gonna give it our best? You bet your ass! We set a target, an aim, a destination, then ignore it completely because the best we can do is to focus on the now, the process, and making sure that each step was done with utmost care and precision.

Have faith in the destination, but don’t leave the process to chance.

Sure we had a lot of reasons not to attend this, “the art isn’t done”, “the game isn’t ready”, “everyone else will have something better to show”. And that was just the start, if we had given it more time, I’m certain we could find a hundred more reasons not to go. But time is precious and focus is limited. Understanding the value of these resources would help one assign it to better purposes. So let’s take that time and focus out of the “boo-hoo” department and put it into the “how can we pull this off” department instead.

And we did. See you Wednesday.

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