GameFounders – Analytics!

Hello everyone! How have you guys been doing? The fourth week at GameFounders was all about Analytics. Here’s how it went. Monday The morning started with a talk from Mario Valle Reyes, Director of Business Development at EA, about emerging markets. Mario loves emerging markets, and he couldn’t stress it enough in his talk. He’s also […]

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GameFounders – The Week of Game Design

Hello everyone. ‘Twas the third week of GameFounders, and it was all about Game Design. Here’s how the week went. Monday The day started with a talk from Mike Sellers, Professor of Practice at Indiana University. He’s easily one of our most loved mentors yet. This guy is so so nice. He’s experienced and very helpful. He […]

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Dave’s Birthday

On Monday Dave had completed yet another orbit around the sun. He’s done that 27 times so far. It was also the second week of GameFounders and we basically had our hands full with seminars- Christina is hanging over my shoulder right now as I type this, saying, “I missed it! Where was I?” You […]

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GameFounders – The First Week

Hello everyone! It’s been a fun and very tiring first week at GameFounders for us. We’ve had five mentors over 3 days, and a set of deliverables which was tedious, but in truth really useful to us as a company. I was planning on writing a post for every day we had a mentor, but I’ve […]

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GameFounders – Day 1

Today was our first day of the GameFounders program, and it was a busy and enjoyable one. I must say, it was nothing less than expected. Things started off with a round of introductions followed by a brief on the program by Christina, Kadri, and Antonio. After lunch, we had our first mentor, Andra Larin […]

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NightMorning’s First Game Night

Hello everyone! NightMorning had it’s first Game Night today! We went to watch Final Fantasy XV’s Kingsglaive at Mid Valley Megamall, had dinner at Texas Chicken, and had a pretty good time catching Pokémon there. By the end of the night, there were 2 squads; the Active Pokémon Squad, and the Low Battery Squad. For our […]

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The Pitch at Cradle.

Game development is fun, challenging but it’s not always about developing games. Today was our turn to pitch at Cradle for additional funds. Cradle was pretty serious an extremely structured in how they run things. We had five minutes to pitch, and ten for Q&A. That’s five minutes to the second. You know they value […]

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Interns Incoming!

I’d like to introduce our two new designers. Eddie and Marcus. Eddie is this thin chap with a surprisingly deep voice- no really, the first time you hear him speak you too would be like, “whoa, he’s all about that bass.” Marcus joined in a day later. Apparently he spent a couple of years in […]

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There was that One art Academy…

Today the team + Christina paid a visit at the One Academy. They’re well known for their art students, so we went there with pretty high expectations. Anyone who knows who’s who in the game art scene here knows what I’m talking about. We met with them and were led up a narrow staircase to […]

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