GameFounders – Day 1

Today was our first day of the GameFounders program, and it was a busy and enjoyable one. I must say, it was nothing less than expected. Things started off with a round of introductions followed by a brief on the program by Christina, Kadri, and Antonio. After lunch, we had our first mentor, Andra Larin […]

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NightMorning’s First Game Night

Hello everyone! NightMorning had it’s first Game Night today! We went to watch Final Fantasy XV’s Kingsglaive at Mid Valley Megamall, had dinner at Texas Chicken, and had a pretty good time catching Pokémon there. By the end of the night, there were 2 squads; the Active Pokémon Squad, and the Low Battery Squad. For our […]

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The Pitch at Cradle.

Game development is fun, challenging but it’s not always about developing games. Today was our turn to pitch at Cradle for additional funds. Cradle was pretty serious an extremely structured in how they run things. We had five minutes to pitch, and ten for Q&A. That’s five minutes to the second. You know they value […]

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Interns Incoming!

I’d like to introduce our two new designers. Eddie and Marcus. Eddie is this thin chap with a surprisingly deep voice- no really, the first time you hear him speak you too would be like, “whoa, he’s all about that bass.” Marcus joined in a day later. Apparently he spent a couple of years in […]

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There was that One art Academy…

Today the team + Christina paid a visit at the One Academy. They’re well known for their art students, so we went there with pretty high expectations. Anyone who knows who’s who in the game art scene here knows what I’m talking about. We met with them and were led up a narrow staircase to […]

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The team and Christina

GameFounders access [online]

We got up to a good start this morning. Dave and Faris met up at my place where we had done most of our work and said our goodbyes to that workspace. A short drive later we met Christina of gamefounders, where she gave us our access cards and a very thorough walkthrough around the […]

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supreme leader dave gesturing how much honor he wants to give

NightMorning met Mobile Games Asia

Photo credit to Unpause Asia: On July 14th, 2016, NightMorning made its first public appearance. We spent a little more than a week prepping with blood, sweat and a powerpoint slide for it. I have to admit that of all the teams that day we were the furthest from a completed game, but that’s where […]

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Abu’s Birthday

It was Abu’s birthday recently, and following tradition, we got him a Black Forest cake to celebrate. We’ve had this tradition since WIGU Games, and will continue it in NightMorning. To top things off, Abu’s birthday was the very first at NightMorning. Here’s a few things you might not know about Abu. He’s super cool. He’s […]

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A wild trailer appears!

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a trailer. Working on the trailer was hella interesting. The design and creation took days for what ended up being around 1 and a half minute long product. I sampled voices from anyone I could trick into giving it a shot, from my wife to sister and nieces. In the […]

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